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Getting feedback on your work is an important part of the creative process for both writers and illustrators. It helps you grow as an artist, improving your skills and confidence. Feedback helps in the revision process and prepares you for publication as a traditionally or independently published author and/or illustrator.

Inland Northwest SCBWI offers a number of resources to help members get feedback on their work. Please review the options below for more information.


Our Critique Groups

SCBWI Inland Northwest has a few organized critique groups that meet on a regular basis. Please note: The pandemic has changed the way many groups are exchanging feedback. Some are meeting virtually on Zoom, others are exchanging work by email.

If you are a current Inland Northwest SCBWI member looking for a group, please send the following information in an email to the Critique Group Facilitator, Carol Nelson at

Email Subject Line: Critique Groups

Your Name:

Email address:

Phone: (Optional)

Type of critique group you’re looking for (Illustration, PB, MG, YA, F, NF, Genre):

Whether you’d prefer an in-person or online group:

Your location:

And whether you’d be willing to help organize a group. (no experience required):

Oftentimes it just takes one person to take the lead. Then your group is off and running! Visit our Critique Resources page for more information.


SCBWI Discussion Boards

The SCBWI “Blueboard” is a message board with discussion threads about children’s book publishing. Information about online critique group openings is posted regularly. Click here for the SCBWI Blueboard.


Professional Critiques and Consultations

SCBWI Inland Northwest hosts events throughout the year. Even now, we are offering Virtual Consultations and Written Critiques with Literary Agents and Editors from major publishing houses. To find these opportunities, visit our Events page.