Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

2015 Illustrators’ Portfolio Showcase

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Showcase Information

Our Inland Northwest SCBWI Chapter is pleased to offer our first Portfolio Showcase! If you are an active member in SCBWI, and attending the conference, you are eligible.  Portfolio's will be set up in the morning and be available for viewing by faculty and attendees throughout the day. It’s a terrific way to get your illustrations in front of publishing professionals as well as your peers. It can be daunting to put your work out there, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get exposure as well as valued critique feedback.

In addition, for those who wishes to participate, note cards and envelopes will be next to each book for faculty and attendees to comment on your work. At the end of the day you should have a nice packet of feedback with the intent to help you move forward on your creative journey. (and who knows, maybe a couple business cards?)


Submission Requirements & Information (Membership Required to Participate.)

You must submit a portfolio following the guidelines listed below. These are the national requirements so your book will be accepted at all conferences. You may also include a dummy. The dummy is optional and IN ADDITION to your portfolio, not in lieu of.

Portfolio Guidelines:

  • One (1) permitted
  • Size (Measure while open)
  • Maximum width 32”
  • Maximum height 15”
  • Closed Portfolio: 3: tall max.
  • 10-15 images suggested
  • Copies or prints only; no original art.
  • Name: your name and contact information must be in or on your portfolio.


Business or Promotional Cards

  • You may leave business cards and/or promotional post cards.
  • Only stack of cards will be placed by your portfolio.
  • No card holders please
  • Bring cards in disposable plastic bag, or bound by rubber band.



  • One (1) or two (2) permitted.
  • Size: Dummies may not be larger than your portfolio.
  • Dummy is optional, not a requirement.
  • Dummy must be attached to your portfolio (String, yarn or ribbon works well).


At the Conference

 After you register, please go to the Portfolio Showcase Registration table to sign in and receive further information.

  • Drop off will be from 8:00 am to 8:30.
  • Pick up by 5:30 (you may take it at any time, but make sure you sign out*)
  • You will be required to sign a release form (provided at sign up).
  • You will need to sign it in and also sign it out* for security.