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Children's Book Writers
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Webinar: Picture Books and Beyond!

Date(s) - 03/14/2020
9:00 am - 10:00 am


“I have an idea for a story…”



Those 7 words are usually the start of trouble.

What exactly is the idea? Where does it fit in the market? What is it youre trying to create?

For all those haunted by stories and driven to create, fitting our work into the available commercial spaces can be the battle before the battle.



Picture book, board book, story book, graphic novel, animated short, animated show, illustrated novel, video game, interactive experience … MOVIE? What exactly do you have in your head and who might be interested in acquiring it?


Understanding the genres and platforms can help a writer/illustrator focus their energies into projects with the best chance of succeeding.


This webinar will investigate the various places where creative work can find a home. Together we’ll examine what an idea needs to swim in these different oceans. 


There will be a focus on picture books and graphic novels and an additional examination of professional working habits. Well talk about the highs and lows of working in the commercial arts, and how one lives to create another day after a rejection…and the rejection after that.


It will be a fast paced 40 minutes with plenty of laughs. (Mark has promised to tell at least one joke.)




Mark has illustrated many picture books including: Great, Now We’ve got Barbarians, The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot, The Book That Eats People and most recently Glory On Ice. He’s written and illustrated a few too including: Giant Pants and The Great Thanksgiving Escape. He also created the graphic novel Earthling! He received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and was in the MFA in animation program at UCLA but never finished because he began work at Walt Disney Television Animation. Through the years Mark worked in video games, TV gameshows and animation. He was a baker while in college, that was a pretty, pretty tasty job.

He lives in Oregon with his family and dogs and cats. He likes chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven.

You can see more of Mark’s work at:

Zoom webinar invitations will be sent before Noon (PST) on Friday, March 13. Participants can join the live webinar or watch the recording. A link to the recorded presentation will be sent before Noon (PST) on March 15. It will be available for viewing through April 1.

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