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Children's Book Writers
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Zoom Room Author Critiques

Date(s) - 05/14/2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Get professional feedback on your writing.

This event is full. 

♦ Sign up to receive a verbal critique on the first 500 words of your novel or picture book. 

♦ Participation is limited to 12 SCBWI Inland Northwest members. We have 6 Picture Book spots and 6 Novel spots (Chapter Book, Middle Grade, or Young Adult).


How It Will Work

1. Register below and select the critique group you’d like to join—Novels or Picture Books. Each group will have up to 6 participants.

2. After you register, send in your first 500 words on or before May 7th. (Submission instructions below.)

3. A Zoom link will be emailed to all registered participants on May 13th.

4. On May 14th, the Zoom meeting will begin at 10:00 AM. A moderator will introduce the speaker, start the critique session, and keep time.

5. Each participant will take a turn reading their work aloud. Their writing sample will be screen-shared by the guest author so others can follow along.

6. The guest author will share verbal feedback on each writing sample. Participants should be prepared to take notes as written critiques will not be completed. If there’s time, the guest author may invite others to comment.

7. Each participant will have 15-minutes to read and receive feedback.

8. If time remains after everyone’s work has been critiqued, the guest author will answer general publishing questions from the group.


How to Send Your 500 Words


* Each participant is limited to 500 words, whether it’s a novel or a picture book. However, don’t end your sample in the middle of a sentence—go back to the previous sentence and end there. 


* Submit a Word document in standard manuscript format (double-spaced). The number of pages is not important. Send the number you need to include all 500 words.


* Name your 500-word sample using your last name and the title of your project: Smith_Title.doc (or docx).


* Send the file as an attachment to on or before May 7th


Use Zoom Room Critique as the subject of your email.


Guest Authors

Picture Books – Gretchen McLellan

Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan is a former elementary reading specialist who now devotes herself to writing for children. She lives in Camas, WA  with her husband, puppy, stunt squirrels, nomadic neighborhood chickens, and celebrates when her children and grandchildren come home. She is the author of Mrs. McBee Leaves Room 3, Grace Zong ill. (Peachtree); I’m Done! Catherine Lazar Odell ill. (Holiday House); Button and Bundle, Gillian Flint ill. (Knopf); No Party Poopers!, Lucy Semple ill. (Little Bee); and When Your Daddy’s a Soldier, E. G Keller ill. (Viking, 2022).



Novels – Will Taylor

Will Taylor is a reader, writer, and honeybee fan. He lives in the heart of downtown Seattle surrounded by all the seagulls and not quite too many teacups. When not writing he can be found searching for the perfect bakery, talking to trees in parks, and completely losing his cool when he meets longhaired dachshunds. His books include Maggie & Abby’s Neverending Pillow Fort; Maggie & Abby and the Shipwreck Treehouse; Slimed; Catch That Dog!; and The Language of Seabirds.


Apologies! Due to a lack of participation, we had to cancel the roundtable critique for novels. We’ll work to have Will Taylor back with a helpful webinar event in the fall. Thanks for your interest in this program.


Registration opens April 9th at 9:00 AM

This event is fully booked.